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Hot Shots Cheer/Tumble Classes

Acrobatics teaches flexibility, balance, strength, muscle control, coordination, and endurance. Beginner classes focus on fundamental techniques.  As the student advances skills will include front and back walkovers, limbers, handsprings, chest rolls, cartwheels/round offs, handstands, back handsprings, back tucks, side and front aerials.  Tumbling classes are great for students looking to enhance agility and flexibility and is important for any student considering competition level classes.

HSDC offers 3 levels of Tumbling classes and students are assigned based on skill levels.
Our Cheer/Tumbling classes teach the fundamentals of cheerleading and incorporates beginning tumbling.  We will teach proper motion placement, jump technique, basic dance moves, cheers, kicks, cartwheels and voice projection.

HSDC offers more advanced Cheer and Cheer/Tumble classes for all ages and skill levels. 

Please check our Cheer Gym Schedule for a list of all classes.
Intro To Cheer

Beginning Cheer Tumbling will focus on the basic tumbling skills needed for cheerleading, while building strength, coordination and flexibility needed for competitive cheerleading. Basic jumps, arm movements and stunt moves will also be introduced.

Beginner  & Intermediate Stunt Classes

Students will learn basic cartwheel, round off, and back bend kick over. Intermediate students will learn back-handsprings and round off back-handspring, along with progressive cheer jumps and stunts.

Stunt Class & Power Tumbling

For the more advanced students in both Cheer & Dance.  Students will work on Back Handspring including Back Tucks, Round-off Back Handspring Tucks, Front Handspring, Front Tuck Tumbling & More.

Competition Cheer
All Competitive level cheer classes require an evaluation.  The fee for the evaluation is $10.00.  Required skills include: Forward roll, back roll, handstand, cartwheel and roundoff.

In addition to the required skills listed above, excellent behavior, respect, discipline & focus are the biggest and Most Important requirements!!

Following evaluation, acceptance into one of the Competition Cheer teams is by invitation only!