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HSDC Dance and Cheer Competition Programs

Hot Shots Dance & Cheer is home to several competition teams for students between the ages of 7 and 18, with skill levels ranging from beginner to advanced.

HSDC is committed to building a strong foundation, embracing the spirit of collaborative team work, and exercising the highest sportsmanship at all times.

Placement for both Dance & Cheer Competition companies is based on instructor, coach and director evaluations as well as skill levels and age.

Students must be able to execute sound technique, genre styling, musicality, body awareness, choreography, precision and performance.

Students who wish to participate in a competitive dance or cheer division must be accepted into the program.  Students are then enrolled in a curriculum of classes designed to develop the most technical, versatile, and strong competitors.

Dance students are evaluated all year long during their regular classes and invited to join a company if they meet the criteria and have shown an interest in making a commitment to compete.

Cheer students must attend a separate cheer evaluation event.  These are held several times during the year.

The commitment to a competition team is both time consuming and comes with additional costs.  If your child shows an interest in competing, please contact Suzanne Krause to make sure that your child is on a path that will enable them to join a Dance or Cheer Company.
Dance Company teams are required to take a minimum
of four classes per week:   1 Ballet, 1 Jazz and 2 company classes

HSDC attends 4 regional dance competitions each spring and 1 national dance competition each summer.

After completion of one year in Company, dancers have the option

to compete in solo, duet or trio categories in addition to their company group dance.

Company members are encouraged to take Tumbling Class and

Leaps & Turns Class at their appropriate dance level.

Competition Cheer team requirements vary based on the level of competition.  

Competition Cheer Teams will attend numerous regional events during the
season and must be prepared for a
12 month commitment.