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Hot Shots Dance Company, LLC
Hot Shots Dance & Cheer
382 North Forest Avenue
Hartwell, GA 30643
(706) 376-2549

Hot Shot Dance & Cheer has been instructing students for over 19 years and we offer over 35 classes in all areas of Dance and Cheer.

HSDC is a competitive and recreational cheerleading gym and dance studio committed to providing quality experiences to students of all ages and skill levels.

HSDC Registration Flyer 2024-25.png

Hot Shots Dance & Cheer provides a wide range of dance and cheer classes to suit every age and skill level. From Ballet and Jazz to Pointe, Lyrical, Baton, Tumbling, Cheer, Competition Cheer, Competition Dance, Parkour, and more! Our classes are designed to be fun and engaging while helping students develop their skills and confidence. Our experienced instructors are passionate about dance and are dedicated to helping each student reach their full potential.

Our programs are designed to encourage and enhance the potential of each student, in a positive, fun and safe environment. Our recreational Dance & Cheer programs offer a great way to stay active in a fun and social atmosphere, while our competitive programs offer rewarding experiences that challenge and empower students to work hard to achieve success.

Our qualified and experienced coaches and instructors will support each student as they strive to achieve success in many areas, including coordination, endurance, strength and flexibility.  Our programs also help developer important social core values of dedication, confidence, teamwork, discipline and respect.

Hot Shots Dance & Cheer will spark the passion and ignite motivation in our students, believing everyone has the potential to achieve athletic greatness, and light up the floor!

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