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At Hot Shots Dance & Cheer we strongly believe that multiple classes per week are essential for dedicated students.

We hope that our discounts enable dancers to take several classes each week.

Annual Registration Fee $30.
Class Fees are based on 1 hour class times. Please contact Hot Shots for current class prices.
Class Pricing for Competition Dance and Competition Cheer classes will vary.

All Competition Dancers are by invitation only. Competition
Cheer Requires Evaluation.

Class pricing, as well as costume fees, competition entry fees and additional fees will be sent to all parents of Competition Students.

Hot Shots Dance & Cheer offers private dance classes 
If your dancer would like to have private lessons to prepare for an audition, competition or talent show, please contact us for available times and instructors.

Our 2024-2025 Class Schedule will be posted in July

Gym/Cheer 2023-2024 Class Schedules


The first schedule below is our Gym & Cheer/Tumble Schedule.

The second schedule lists all Dance classes in our Studio.

All Cheer, Combo Cheer/Tumble, Advanced Tumble & Parkour Classes will be held in the Gym behind the Dance Studio.


Our Coaches are trained to place each child in the

most appropriate class for their age and skill level.

2023-2024 Gym Schedule 8-24-231_edited.j
2023-2024 Dance Studio Schedule As of 2-

Tuition Policy

Class pricing for Competition Dance and Competition Cheer will vary.  All Competition Dancers are by invitation only.  Competition Cheer requires evaluation by the HSDC Coaches. Class pricing, as well as costume fees, competition entry fees and additional fees will be sent to parents of Competition Members


Important Tuition Policies 

Tuition for Non-competition students is based on an ten month rate, not on the number of classes in a month as this will vary from month to month. Students usually receive an average of 36-38 classes per season. Monthly tuition is not pro-rated or re-scheduled for missed classes made by students. If a class is cancelled due to teacher absence or illness, a makeup class will be scheduled. Classes missed cannot be made up once the contract season has begun as choreography is being set for each individual class. ​


Tuition is due before the 10th of each month (Aug-May). After the 10th, student accounts are charged a $20.00 late fee (per family). 


Tuition due dates and fees remain the same regardless of holidays, breaks, or absences.


Tuition includes: All classes from August-May


Tuition does not include:  Registration fee, Costume, Optional Events & Services (Ex. Recital DVD, Recital tickets, Apparel, Recital Pictures, and Camps.)​


Tuition is non-refundable.


All withdrawals from class must be received PRIOR to the first of the month. If notification is not received prior to tuition being posted, the charge will remain on his/her account until it has been cleared. Students with an overdue balance from previous seasons can not register for future seasons without a clear account balance. 


A $40.00 fee will be charged to your account for each returned check. 


Accounts two months in arrears will be denied classes until the balance has been paid.


Families may choose to pre-pay for an entire season (Aug-May). Payments made in full will receive a 5% discount. These pre-payments are non-refundable payments as we make the proper accommodations to teach your student for the entirety of the season. 

Monthly Installments:

HSDC's full season may also be broken up into 10 monthly installments.

Families may choose to pay each installment by cash, check, or debit/credit card. HSDC accepts Visa, Mastercard, and Discover, PayPal, Square & Venmo.

A 5% processing fee will be charged to all debit/credit card and PayPal transactions. 

Cash payments must be in a sealed envelope and have the student's name and tuition amount visible. 

Please Note:

Tuition is NON REFUNDABLE once it has been posted to the student's account.


Students who wish to discontinue lessons for any reason must make proper arrangements BEFORE tuition is posted. If arrangements are not made before tuition is posted, the amount will remain on the student's account indefinitely and must be cleared before he/she can re-join class. 

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